Vacuum Heat Treating

Vacuum heat treating is a delicate process. Appropriate heating and cooling temperatures must be reached in order to achieve high quality results. Since 1967, Pacific Metallurgical has maintained a commitment to ongoing education and involvement in professional societies and standards committees. Our goal is always to exceed your vacuum heat treating services expectations, and staying informed of the latest developments in the industry is an integral part of doing so.

Pacific Metallurgical was the first commercial heat treating facility in the Pacific Northwest to offer vacuum atmosphere processing. We have maintained our position as trailblazers in the industry, providing numerous industrial and commercial vacuum heat treating services to meet all of your needs. We provide vacuum heat treating services for the aerospace, automotive and medical industries.

Our growth over the past 20 years has helped us consistently upgrade our vacuum heat treatment technological capabilities as well as our thermal-process equipment, which includes more than 40 furnaces on-site.

Reasons to choose Vacuum Heat Treating:

To learn more about how Pacific Metallurgical can produce durable and quality parts for your equipment through our innovative vacuum heat treating services, give us a call today at 253-854-4241.