Heat Treating Knives

Pacific Metallurgical, a heat treating company located in Kent, WA, performs expert heat treating services for knives with state of the art equipment. After using our heat treating services, your blades and knives will stay sharp even after extensive use. We can also fill custom heat treating orders for those who are looking to complete their own designs. Heat treating prices for knives and blades are affordable. If you are looking to heat treat knives or blades, or need custom made knives and blades, contact us today.

The Heat Treating Process

Heat treating of knives is a two step process that includes hardening and tempering. We first normalize the blade by heating it to a non-magnetic capacity. The point of normalizing the blade is to stabilize the structure of the steel, so that when quenching is performed, a certain degree of warping can be avoided. After this we perform oil quenching. Oil quenching requires the blade to be warmed to just the right temperature. Our precise equipment will allow the knife to enter the oil at above critical temperature, and then freeze the steel into a much harder state. Finally the tempering process will be performed. Differential tempering can be performed if you require a part of the cutting edge to be harder than the rest. The sharpness of the cutting edge will depend on your use of the knives or blades.

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